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Leonid candidates can expect a different kind of job search experience. Once partnered with your exclusive Talent Acquisition Manager, we keep the interview process short and sharp, the feedback prompt, and the expectations honest.

Discover more about what life is like as a Leonid candidate below.

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The challenges candidates face.

Lack of a professional

Knowing all the right things will help you land the job, but not knowing the right people can prevent you from discovering your ideal position.

Lack of time.

The job search process is challenging enough. Factor in full-time work on top and it feels like juggling too many plates. Soon enough, you’ll drop one. 

Struggling to get interviews.

Even the most impressive of candidates can struggle to land an interview. Sometimes, a piece of paper just doesn’t cut it. 

You’re getting interviews but no offers.

Many recruiters farm out candidates to companies, knowing they’re not right for the job. We don’t do this. 

Competing with too many people.

Today’s job market is competitive and large agencies automate the process, putting forward a lot of candidates. It’s time to scale this down.

Companies prefer internal referrals.

Many companies prefer not to recruit openly. You need someone with a strong relationship with the company to get you an in.

jobs we recruit for.

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Software Innovation Consultant

Trade Compliance Specialist

Senior Manager R&D Tax

Innovation Consultant

Innovation Consultant

Software Innovation Consultant


Leonid was founded on the belief that recruitment could be an easier and more enjoyable journey for all involved. We’ve decided not to take the easy way but the right way. Little by little, we’re disrupting industry standards and are rebuilding perceptions of what a talent acquisition partner should be. Here’s how…

Reason to work for Leonid

Reason to work for Leonid

Reason to work for Leonid

Reason to work for Leonid

Reason to work for Leonid


Due to the advanced screening service Leonid provides our clients, we’re afraid LeonidLive is a candidate requirement. But don’t panic, we’ll help you through it!

I’d rather not participate in a video interview. Can I still be put forward for the job?

It’s a chance for you to get across what makes you tick, your personality, and some examples and anecdotes that are relevant to the specific job opportunity. It’s easy for a resume to become just a bit of paper and to forget the person behind the resume. This acts to supplement your resume. 

What are the benefits of LeonidLive?

Throughout your entire candidate journey with Leonid, your personal consultant will be on hand to answer any questions you have and provide regular updates according to the Magic Month timeline.

What support can I expect from my talent acquisition consultant?

We act as the bridge between you and the company, meaning that we can provide honest and transparent feedback to you, let you know what the process will be like and how long it will take, as well as handle some of the awkward conversations around compensation. You just focus on finding out about the job and the company!  

Why should I be represented by Leonid rather than applying to jobs directly?

Our approach is global and we work with clients to help find them the best people around the world, from San Diego to Singapore. If you are looking for international opportunities, let us know

Do you have jobs only in London and Barcelona or other locations too?

No, our service is quality-focused, not quantity-focused, and that doesn’t work if multiple agencies are searching for candidates for the same position. We only work on an exclusive, retained basis with our clients.

Will clients you represent also be working with other recruitment firms?

Absolutely not, we are here to help people through their career from the beginning to the end. 

Do you only focus on C-Suite/Executive-Level positions?

Of course, the sooner we talk, the sooner we start to understand what you are interested in and the sooner we can start to keep an eye out for you! We are interested in the long-term.

Can I have a general chat with Leonid to discuss what I am looking for as my next career step or do I need to wait for a specific opportunity first?