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The Challenge

Working with their regular recruitment consultant in Sheffield, YesTax were on the lookout for their next R&D Tax Consultant to join the team. However, there were two main challenges.


1. This role required a particular type of software consultant who specialised in a certain type of software.


2. Finding a specialist consultant outside the London hub where the market isn’t quite as buoyant and there are fewer professional services firms.


Having exhausted all options with their usual recruitment partner, YesTax turned to Leonid to see if we could utilise our niche industry connections to find the perfect candidate.

what they said about leonid.


We usually get a CV and a short chat with the recruiter but instead we got a video intro where we could see what the candidate was really like.

magic month.


Leonid database candidate network / referrals promoted / paid advertising included

Candidate telephone interviews

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DAY 15

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Shortlist reviewed


DAY 30



15 hours

their magic month review.


The process ensured minimal fuss.


YesTax faced the challenge of finding a specialist in an already niche industry, on top of finding such talent outside the London hub.

After exhausting traditional methods, Leonid were able to utilise our industry knowledge and extensive resources to find the perfect candidate.

Through the Magic Month service that offers predefined timelines for delivery, YesTax’s dedicated Leonid consultant guided them through the process, ensuring deadlines for reviewing the shortlist were met and that the candidate was appointed within one month.

Unlike the candidate-led approach of traditional recruitment firms, Leonid’s client focus meant we were able to spend a greater amount of time ensuring we understood the unique brand proposition of YesTax and communicating this understanding to our candidates.

Throughout the process, YesTax’s dedicated consultant was able to act with transparency and efficiency while focusing solely on the YesTax search.

4 Times

less Interviews

to find the perfect candidate

1 Month

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from day 1