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Leonid is more than a recruiter, we’re a talent acquisition partner. We identify key opportunities for global team expansion and continually build on our network of worldwide top talent to find you a match. Find out more about how Leonid becomes an extension of your business below.

How can we help you?

What our clients achieve with us.

2% attrition rate (compared to the average 12-15%)

Reduction in candidate dropout rates

Simpler stakeholder management

15 hours saved on the hiring process

30 days to fill the position

The challenges Clients Face.

Poor brand representation

When working with multiple recruiters, it’s difficult to control how your brand is portrayed. Poor representation could drive top talent away.

Time pressure

For 70% of companies, it takes 4 months to fill a role. That’s 4 months that your team is under pressure and having to spread themselves too thin.

Time poor

Hiring managers and HR often do not have sufficient time to find the right candidates. Too much time is spent reviewing CVs of candidates that are not the right fit and there’s no time to launch a headhunting campaign.

Hiring virtually or internationally

Hiring virtually or internationally adds extra stresses to the talent acquisition process. Quality control and a culture of compliance need to be maintained. 

Poor quality hires

A poor screening process can lead to hiring the wrong people. The lead time to fill the role can be tight, meaning the candidate is less likely to be good quality due to pressure to fill it. 

Stakeholder management

Hiring managers and HR must manage internal expectations. There can be significant pressure to fill open roles. 

Partnering with Leonid for your search.

We have a client driven approach, but that doesn’t mean candidates come second. By building higher quality relationships with our clients to operate retained searches, we have a deeper understanding of the company culture and the qualities a candidate needs.
Our clients trust our recommendations. We put forward a small shortlist as a smaller focus creates higher quality results. And if you don’t get the job, you join our exclusive Leonid candidate network where we’ll provide support until you do land your ideal role.
What does this mean for you? For starters, it means we won’t waste your time. It’s essential we work closely with our candidates to find the right fit for a lasting partnership between you and our client. LeonidLive helps with this. It also gives you the chance to let your personality shine outside a resume.
You’ll also know when to expect feedback at each step of the process with our Magic Month Principle, providing a pre-defined timeline for delivery. Discover more about being a Leonid candidate in the below resources.

specialist recruiters in…

Corporate Governance.

A decade of experience recruiting in all areas of Corporate Governance.

With a decade of experience as a talent acquisition specialist for all areas Corporate Governance, our Talent Acquisition Managers have a good grasp of the landscape and understand the challenges of hiring on an international scale. 

Want to find out more about our Corporate Governance Division? Right this way

Innovation Incentives.

Champions in promoting the R&D Tax Credit and Grant Funding industry

Leonid are one of the only talent acquisition partners in Europe and the US that specialise in Innovation Incentives. Our niche knowledge of the R&D Tax Credits and Grant Funding landscape mean our Talent Acquisition Managers are one step ahead of what’s going on. We stay on top of the latest team expansion opportunities for you. 

Want to find out how passionate we are about Innovation? Discover more about our Innovation Incentives division. 


Leonid was founded on the belief that recruitment could be an easier and more enjoyable journey for all involved. We’ve decided not to take the easy way but the right way. Little by little, we’re disrupting industry standards and are rebuilding perceptions of what a talent acquisition partner should be. Here’s how…

Strong relationships with clients & candidates

Pre-defined timelines for delivery

An enhanced vetting and pre-screening process

A more humanistic approach

Trust & accountabilty


Once the contract is signed, we will work exclusively on the role/s discussed. If our service isn’t for you after this, we can part ways with no hard feelings. However, we’re confident our solution is a game changer.

Do I have to work with Leonid exclusively once I sign a contract?

Due to the nature of our service, we must secure payment up front to protect the amount of time and resources we put into your exclusive search.

Is there an option to pay on placement rather than an up-front fee?

No, even though our high-end service is typically only found in Executive Search, we offer the same standard regardless of seniority. The idea is that we will work with you to build the team from the ground-up. 

Do you only focus on C-Suite/Executive-Level positions?

No, even though our offices are in London and Barcelona, our networks are global. We are as likely to be recruiting in Singapore, San Francisco, or Stockholm as we are to be recruiting in London or Barcelona. 

Do you only recruit in London and Barcelona?

We believe the typical staggered rebate period is confusing and unnecessary. We keep it simple: If the candidate leaves within 10 weeks (may need an * as there are conditions to this), then we will find a replacement… for free.

What is your rebate period?

First of all, we only accept a mandate if we are extremely confident that we can deliver as we don’t want to waste your time, our time, or candidates’ time. We understand well where we can add value, and where we can’t, and choose carefully. However, if you retain us and we don’t deliver, then the initial fee will be refunded, of course. We would like to add though that we have a 98% success rate on the mandates that we accept.

What if you can’t find us the right candidate?

We focus almost exclusively on permanent positions as that’s what our network wants. In today’s environment, those we speak with are prioritising job security and are only moving for something truly exciting and unique where they can grow and develop over the long-term. 

Do you recruit for temp/contract staff also?