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Leonid’s methodology is to do things the right way, not the easy way. Our client-driven approach sets us apart, ensuring an exceptional level of service for our clients and an honest, personalised process for our candidates. We specialise in R&D tax and Corporate Governance and this niche focus enables us to be true specialists in our field.

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Traditional Challenges Faced in Recruitment

75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying to a job. When working with multiple recruitment partners, it can be difficult to keep track of the way your company is represented.

Building an employer brand

Recruiting for a niche role often means sourcing talent from a small pool of candidates that many other companies are already dipping into. As demand increases for specialised talent, it becomes increasingly difficult to secure top candidates.

Lack of qualified candidates

Today’s world poses many challenges to the hiring process. It takes the right tech stack, candidate network and know-how to work with remote and international candidates effectively.

Hiring remotely

According to studies, 76% of hiring managers struggle to attract the right talent. Employers need to attract the right candidates while discouraging those that aren’t a good fit.

Attracting the right candidates

A talent pool enables HR teams to fill a position in less time and with fewer resources involved. However, building a high-quality international talent pool takes significant time and know-how. 

Building talent pools proactively

5 reasons to give it a try the Leonid Way.

1.    We invest 7X more time in finding the right candidates, going through diligent screening processes. This ensures only the best make the cut and we save you time so you can apply it where it’s most valuable.
2.    We only take on a set number of roles at any given time. In line with our exclusive retained search model, we take time to understand the client, their culture, and the role, enabling us to find the right candidates and become an extension of the business for the entire talent acquisition journey.
3.    Our personalised approach to working with candidates enables us to get to know their qualities, skills, and requirements better, so we can make closer job-talent matches. It also creates a more enjoyable hiring process for both the candidate and the client.
4.    We are passionate about empowering people to achieve, both personally and professionally, and we believe this can be accomplished by bringing the right people together. 
5.    We’re one of the most interesting and passionate teams you’ll come across. We are based across the UK and Europe and have many different skills, including a total of 10 languages spoken. While we’re a diverse team, our shared passion to transform the talent acquisition process is our collective mission.

what they say about us.


Efficient. Slick. The right candidates are put forward. 

John Moxon
Yes Tax.


We needed to quickly fill a position in Europe for a Customs Compliance Specialist. Working with Leonid Group made recruiting simple. The LeonidLive platform provided all of the necessary information easily in one place and allowed for a simple comparison between the candidates.

Paula Degenaars
Director, Regulatory & Global Trade Compliance.
Watts Water Technologies.


It’s well worth investing in the cost of Magic Month upfront because you receive a great deal of value. Leonid becomes an extension of your talent acquisition team and conducts a thorough search to find talent that isn’t on the market – and passive talent is the best!

Jennifer Kalczewski
Corporate HR and Talent Acquisition Manager.
Colfax Corporation.


I was very impressed with the professionalism and speed with which Leonid was able to identify a global leader in business and ethics compliance for my business. His approach to recruitment and his methodology were very effective. The quality of the candidates selected and presented in such a short time was remarkable. I unreservedly recommend Leonid Group for recruiting in the compliance field: it is the best option on the market.

Scott C. Weatherholt Vice-président exécutif.
Directeur juridique et conformité.

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