‘Redefining Recruitment’ is a bold claim – so what exactly is Leonid doing to make this happen?

‘Redefining Recruitment’ is a bold claim – so what exactly is Leonid doing to make this happen?

When new consultants join the Leonid team, they always remark on how unalike we are to their previous experiences of working in a recruitment agency environment.

Inês Gago recently became the newest member of our corporate governance division, based in Barcelona.  She offered to share her thoughts on the core differences she has observed with our client-focused service model, versus her previous experience of recruitment.

Inês says:

Hiring people should be quick and easy.  Let’s face it, there is usually a need for urgency from both the client and the candidates.

When candidates apply for a job, they expect to move through the process swiftly. Likewise, hiring managers want to secure their new recruits as efficiently as possible, to minimise the costs associated with the loss of productivity and the ineffective distribution of resources to compensate for the empty seats.

So all of this begs the question - why does it take so long to hire someone?

In some cases, recruiting can take weeks, even months, which can make the whole process very frustrating, with candidates dropping out along the way and the potential for trust to be lost by the companies, that we, as recruiters, work with.

Leonid does something rather special to address this, with the Magic Month methodology.  We commit to presenting the best candidates within one month, with clear deliverables every week.  The result is a truly smart and efficient process that makes both the candidate and the client happy!

Something else which makes Leonid different – and something I have never seen before in the recruitment market - is LeonidLive, in which the client is presented with video previews of the shortlisted candidates, aligning expectations on both sides and ensuring there is no time wasted in interviewing candidates who wouldn’t match in terms of culture and personality.

Both the Magic Month and LeonidLive – combined with a transparent and ethical approach – ensure that the recruitment process is much smoother and makes the process as pleasant as possible. And it means great job satisfaction for us as consultants, because no matter how challenging the assignment, we can always feel confident that we delivered the best possible outcome!

The Leonid way may not suit all recruiters, as it does require a particular mindset and a drive for continual improvement.  However, I personally find it innovative, rewarding and a guarantee of high quality and trust for both our clients and candidates.  I'm already loving my time here - and I'm excited for what the future holds.