Watts Water

Watts Water


The Challenge

Watts Water required Trade Compliance Specialists in the UK & DE, and two in MA, USA.  Paula Degenaars, Watts Water's Director of Regulatory and Global Trade Compliance, was in charge of filling these roles. Paula was experiencing the following challenges: 

  1. The internal recruiting team were not effective in sourcing such niche roles within the Trade Compliance team as they did not understand the requirements or know how to screen resumes effectively.
  2. A lack of specialist trade compliance recruitment firms in the US.
  3. Managing the recruitment process alongside the internal recruiting team was too time consuming for the hiring manager.

Having exhausted their options internally and within the US, Watts Water Technologies turned to Leonid for help.


After exhausting their options with their internal recruitment team, and not being able to find a niche recruitment agency within the US, Watts Water Technologies were able to get the results they required within one month with Leonid.

Through the Magic Month service that offers predefined timelines for delivery, Watts Water Technologies’ dedicated Leonid consultant guided them through the process, ensuring deadlines for reviewing the shortlist were met and that the candidate was appointed within one month.

Leonid’s specialist knowledge within the Trade Compliance sector meant we were able quickly and effectively to screen top candidates from our network, taking the burden off the hiring manager.

Throughout the process, Watts Water Technologies’ dedicated Leonid consultant was able to act as an extension of the team, providing a highly personalised and effective service.

As a result, we are now the go-to talent partner for Watts Water Technologies’ Trade Compliance team.

“People look good on paper but the video aspect gives more away on someone’s personality, so you can evaluate cultural fit straight away. We needed to quickly fill a position in Europe for a Customs Compliance Specialist. Working with Leonid Group made recruiting simple. The LeonidLive platform provided all of the necessary information easily in one place and allowed for a simple comparison between the candidates."

- Paula Degenaars, Director - Regulatory & Global Trade Compliance, Watts Water 

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