The candidate hiring experience: How to improve your approach

The candidate hiring experience: How to improve your approach

Finding and retaining top talent is one of the most important factors of any successful business strategy and often one that organisations go to great lengths to get right. This can mean that talent sourcing can turn into a drawn-out process, resulting in seats left empty, delayed budget planning and an overloaded team. This doesn't make a great candidate hiring experience.

During the candidate hiring process, many organisations don’t realise that this can also cause significant strain on the candidate; creating a negative candidate hiring experience. This can often impact their view of your organisation before you’ve even had a chance to meet. This can be a costly oversight and one that causes top talent to slip away. 

At Leonid, we don’t believe recruitment needs to be like this. Below, we’ve profiled four things an organisation can do to improve the candidate hiring experience.

Create a compelling employer brand

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Lack of awareness or interest in an employer are the top two factors for detracting top candidates from your advertised vacancy. 75% of candidates consider an employer’s brand before they even consider applying for a job, according to research.

Ultimately, lack of a defined employer brand has an impact on your bottom line. Studies show that organisations with a strong employer brand attract 50% more qualified applicants, experience a 1-2x faster hire and achieve a 50% cost-per-hire reduction. Taking the time to promote a strong workplace culture really is worth it.


Work with a niche talent acquisition partner that value the candidate hiring experience

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How can someone represent your organisation well if they don’t understand it?

Working with a talent acquisition partner can save you time and extend your reach to some of the top hidden talent. However, it takes a lot of trust to give that responsibility to an employment partner and you need to be sure that they’re representing your brand in the right way.

The key to this is to choose a partner that understands the requirements of both your industry and your organisation. Here at Leonid, we don’t try to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We specialise in providing talent acquisition services to clients with corporate governance and innovation incentive orientated roles. 

As for the candidate hiring experience, we're all about putting the human back in human resources!

Ensure transparency at every stage

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Ensuring transparency during the recruitment process is essential in reducing the candidate dropout rate, a negative candidate experience and poor brand perception. A fair and consistent process is key to achieving this as the hiring process is often seen as a reflection of what it would be like to work for the organisation. 

Unlike traditional recruitment processes, Leonid’s unique approach of applying a pre-defined process for talent sourcing means that both our clients and the candidate know what to expect from day one. From scoping out client requirements to working with the shortlisted candidates, we save clients time and reduce the headache of trying to predict an uncertain outcome. Find out more about how we’re disrupting the nature of recruitment, one magic month at a time.

Utilise the technology to create a powerful candidate hiring experience

Using technology to create a game-changing candidate hiring experience

Today’s digital-first world means that there’s a variety of talent sourcing tools available to hiring teams that can automate a lot of the process. While these intelligent algorithms can make the process a lot more streamlined, it often takes the human out of human resources, creating a feeling of distance between your organisation and the candidates. 

The LeonidLive platform offers a refreshing approach to the talent sourcing process by capturing pre-recorded videos of shortlisted candidates for you to review. This means your hiring team can get a feel for how a candidate comes across and whether they would be a good cultural fit for your organisation, without having to spend time interviewing people that may not be well matched.

Overall, the traditional recruitment process can be an unpleasant experience for both the hiring organisation and the candidates. Not only can a delay in hiring negatively affect your organisation, but it can also chase away top talent. At Leonid, our delivery is anchored in ensuring our clients get the best talent; ultimately contributing towards the next generation and making the world a more exciting place. 

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