Four reasons why August is a great month for job-hunting

Four reasons why August is a great month for job-hunting

The summer holidays are upon us, which means hiring slows down, right? Wrong! In fact, contrary to popular belief, August is a great month to be either recruiting or looking for a new job.

Here are four good reasons why you should not put off your job search any longer:


1. Fewer applicants in the job market

Many job seekers put their search on hold during the summer months, assuming companies aren't actively hiring. Consequently, the job market tends to be less crowded in August compared with other times of the year. This reduced competition means your application is more likely to stand out to hiring managers. Additionally, HR departments might have more time to review applications thoroughly, increasing your chances of getting noticed.


2.  Companies are preparing for a busy September/October time

Businesses often use the summer period to prepare for the autumn period, which is typically one of the busiest times of year. They may have new projects in the pipeline and budgets allocated for hiring. This translates into an increased demand for talent. Seizing this opportunity to apply for jobs in August can put you at an advantage over those who are ‘waiting for the end of the holiday period’.


3. Flexibility in hiring decisions

As the end of the fiscal year approaches for many companies, there may be more flexibility in their hiring decisions. Some organisations might have unused budget allocations that they need to use up before the year ends, making them more willing to invest in new talent. This creates an advantageous environment for job seekers as companies may be more open to negotiation on salary, benefits, or job responsibilities.


4. Quality over quantity

While there may be fewer jobs advertised during August, those which are on offer are likely to be roles with an urgent need. So, hiring managers are more motivated than ever to fill their roles quickly and effectively.  For candidates, this means there are many fantastic opportunities out there for the taking during the summer period.


All things considered, August presents a prime opportunity for job seekers to make a move and land their dream job. So, dust off your resume, polish your interviewing skills, and don’t be put off by the ‘out of office’ messages and the misguided belief that recruitment grinds to a halt in August. There are certainly no signs of things slowing down here at Leonid HQ!