How to recruit passive job seekers

How to recruit passive job seekers

If you want to hire the best people for your open roles, then you need to be reaching out to passive job seekers. This group make up an estimated 70% of the candidate market, so if you simply post a job advert, you will potentially be missing out on a huge talent pool.

Whereas active job seekers are scouring adverts and signing up with recruiters in a bid to secure a new role, passive job seekers are currently employed, not actively looking and typically happy in their existing roles. They would only be lured away by a compelling opportunity.

Passive job seekers are viewed advantageously because they are typically loyal, with a solid work history and a good track record of success.  They also won’t be in a hurry to move and are less likely to be pursuing more than one opportunity at a time – all of which is highly desirable from a recruitment perspective. There is also a reduced chance of them taking a role because they are under pressure, which greatly lessens the risk of them making an error and leaving their new role while under probation.

Passive job seekers won’t respond to job adverts or other conventional approaches. Tapping into this coveted candidate pool requires working with someone who knows where to find them and how to appeal to them.

At Leonid, we work exclusively on a retained search basis.  That means we take a fee up front which reassures our clients that we will dedicate a significant amount of time and resource into uncovering the very best talent around the world.  (For a deeper explanation of retained recruitment versus contingent, please check out our guide here).

Many of the candidates who we speak to on a daily basis are not actively looking for a new role, but with the right opportunity, pitched in the right way, they can be open to exploring.

Companies often turn to Leonid when they find that job adverts aren’t attracting the right calibre of candidate and they don’t have the internal resource to take their recruitment to the next level.  We are proud of our 98% success rate and the reason this is so high is because of the work ethic of our consultants, combined with the best tech on the market, which enables us to successfully seek out the best candidates – including those who weren’t actively looking for a new role.


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