Job interview coming up? Here’s 5 things you should learn about your interviewer, in advance

Job interview coming up? Here’s 5 things you should learn about your interviewer, in advance

There’s no such thing as being over-prepared, when it comes to job interviews. This is your one opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light and make a great first impression. Doing research about the hiring company is a given, but something which is often overlooked is the importance of finding out as much as you can about the person interviewing you. By learning more about your interviewer, you can tailor your responses to their interests and expectations and also gain a deeper insight into the company’s culture.

There are five key elements which you should research.

  1. Position in the company

Understanding your interviewer’s role and responsibilities as well as their hierarchy within the organisation can give you an idea of what they're looking for in a candidate. For example, if your interviewer is responsible for managing a large team, they are likely to be interested in your leadership abilities.

  1. Background and experience

LinkedIn is your friend, here. Be sure to check out the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile or the company website to learn more about their work history, and any professional accomplishments. This can help you find common ground and make a personal connection during the interview.

  1. Interview style

Some interviewers may ask behavioural questions while others may focus more on technical skills. By learning about your interviewer's style beforehand, you can better prepare yourself and tailor your responses accordingly. You may also be able to anticipate the types of questions they'll ask and have answers ready.  This is where working with a good recruiter will really put you at an advantage as they are likely to be able to share this information with you.  It’s obviously harder to undertake this research if you are applying direct to an organisation.

  1. Company culture

Understanding a company’s culture will give you a good idea of what to expect from your interviewer. For example, is the organisation very traditional and corporate or is it the kind of place where trainers and jeans are the norm? Your recruiter can help with these insights, too.

  1. Personal Interests

Finally, it's always helpful to know a bit about your interviewer's personal interests. Do they have a passion for sports or music? Are they involved in any volunteer work? If you spot some common ground with your own interests, this can be a great way to help build rapport in the interview.

Researching your job interviewer – in addition to the hiring company - can give you a distinct advantage during the interview process. You can tailor your responses and put yourself in a strong position for making that all-important first impression.

Be sure to spend a good amount of time looking through the company website, your interviewer’s social media and most importantly, take advice from your recruiter who will have a good insight into both the company culture and the interviewer’s personality.