What is the role of an international trade compliance manager ?

What is the role of an international trade compliance manager ?

Over the past two decades, the rapid development of technology has shrunk the planet to what has been coined the ‘global village’. These technologies like email, video conferencing and ease of commercial travel have enabled increased international activity and especially foreign investment inflow and outflow. Fuelled by the global value chain, the world is now reliant on these international trade activities. 

Yet the rules and regulations governing international trade make global operations challenging. The criteria set by the governmental authorities of individual countries mean businesses can often run into customs issues and face high penalties. This is where an International Trade Compliance Manager comes in to coordinate such activities. 

Below, we’ll explore the role of an International Trade Compliance Manager and guide you on the path to applying for a Trade Compliance Manager Role. 

What are the main responsibilities of an International Trade Compliance Manager?

Being an International Trade Compliance Manager can be a challenging yet highly rewarding career. As a thriving business, the world will always need trade compliance specialists, making you an asset to businesses across the globe. Some of the things you will be doing include: 

Providing internal consulting 

As the International Trade Compliance Specialist, you will be the go-to person for all staff involved in imports and exports. This includes legal, logistics, foreign trade, and finance departments. You could be involved in advising colleagues, creating an organisational rule book for handling international trade, and even providing training. 

Working with Legal

You will be working closely with the business legal team to help draft documents, business terms and conditions and create operational procedures. 

Managing third parties

If the organisation works with custom brokers and trading companies, the International Trade Compliance Manager would be responsible for monitoring this activity, ensuring correct procedures are being followed and implementing agreements such as prohibiting delegating powers. 

Identifying and solving problems

It is essential to stay on top of protentional issues that could arise as the global trade landscape is continually changing. You will need to conduct regular research relating to domestic laws and rules of the country of origin of the product, of the destination of the product, of the country where the company is located and any international rules that apply.

Implementing a trade compliance programme 

The Trade Compliance Manager will be responsible for implementing a trade compliance programme where international trade risk is mitigated and potential red flags regarding international trade laws of countries where business is taking place can be identified early on.

Leasing with external departments 

You will be communicating with different external departments regularly, including liaising with customs authorities and couriers’ agents to facilitate flows. 

What qualities should an International Trade Compliance Manager possess?

International Trade Compliance Managers hold a great deal of responsibility in their role, and as such, must possess certain qualities that enable them to meet the demands of a challenging but incredibly rewarding role. 

Such qualities include:

  • Being analytically minded and detail orientated, with strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Solid knowledge of international policies, regulations and laws that affect foreign trade, including currency, environmental, tax and security factors.
  • The ability to take initiative in implementing programmes and making recommendations to senior colleagues and the board.
  • Forward-thinking with the ability to tackle challenges head-on and find viable solutions.
  • Multiple language abilities are highly desired but not essential. 
  • The ability to deal with conflict and find effective resolutions.
What qualifications do you need? 

An International Trade Compliance Manager is usually required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in International Trade or a related field. Some employers may also require a master’s degree in Business. 

How much does an International Trade Compliance Manager earn?

The salary range for an International Trade Compliance Manager can vary depending on location, organisation and prior experience.

The average salary range for an International Trade Compliance Manager is $100k-200k+ in the US and £75k-£130k+ in the UK.

How to begin your career as an International Trade Compliance Manager 

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