7 skills to power up your CV

7 skills to power up your CV

Technology and AI may be advancing at pace in recruitment, but the good old-fashioned CV is here to stay! A CV is still – more often than not - the first step in securing a new role. This is your chance to make that all-important first impression, so you need to showcase not only your relevant work experience, but focus on the skills which today’s employers really want, too.

There are certain skills which will demonstrate your added value, your adaptability and your suitability for a role – regardless of the industry and level of role you are applying for.

When writing your CV, be sure to include examples which demonstrate your brilliance in the following areas:



Demonstrating that you are comfortable with various software and tools is a must in today’s digital age. Showing proficiency in office suites, project management software, and having familiarity with emerging technologies will showcase your adaptability and efficiency. Taking this one step further, drawing out examples of how you have analysed data and applied it to a specific situation will also be well received by any potential employer.



Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for collaboration, client management, and conveying your ideas effectively. At Leonid, we use our LeonidLive technology to present our candidates’ communication skills via a short video. Our clients find this a really useful tool for refining their shortlist of preferred candidates and that’s because communication really is the cornerstone of success for any role. Be sure to include as many strong examples as you can of how effective communication has helped you to succeed.


Leadership and Management

Even if you’re not currently managing a team, leadership skills are nearly always sought-after. They reflect your ability to make decisions, inspire others and drive results. Potential employers will be looking for people who can develop in a role, so an ability to take the lead is relevant at every level.


Critical thinking and creativity

The capability to analyse a situation and find creative solutions to challenges is highly valued by any business. You will almost certainly be asked for an example of this in an interview situation, but it’s good to be one step ahead by showcasing your abilities in this area on your CV.



Like it or not, change is a key feature of working life and so your ability to adjust to change is essential.  Try to include examples on your CV which demonstrate how you have learned from setbacks or adapted to a major change in one of your previous roles.


Customer Focus

No matter what industry you are in, having a customer-focused mindset is always highly regarded. Showing your commitment to meeting the needs of the business’ audience demonstrates that you care about the success of the organisation you work for.



In today’s workplace, being a team player is an absolute must. In just about every role, some form of collaboration is required on a daily basis and if you can’t demonstrate a teamworking ethic, then you could be viewed as a risk.


If you feel there is a gap in your work history with respect to any of the above skills, sometimes you have to think a little more laterally. Volunteering activities outside of work, undertaking relevant courses and even some hobbies can also help highlight your skill set.

Remember, these are also the skills that most interviewers will be looking for when you reach the next stage of your application. So, preparing some examples of these seven sought-after skills in advance is always a useful exercise.