Innovation Financing Consultants : Why do they enjoy their career ?

Innovation Financing Consultants : Why do they enjoy their career ?

Here at Leonid, we often talk about the excitement of the R&D industry and how it’s such a rewarding career. To some, it may come across as a little cheesy, but we promise it’s not all smoke and mirrors for our social media! The consultants we work with really do love their jobs.

Below, we’ve sat down with our brand-new Senior R&D Tax Talent Acquisition Consultant, Julie, to hear about her experiences talking to Innovation Financing consultants so far and why others should consider this career path.


An introduction from Julie Burtin…

Coming straight from Berlin and accustomed to recruitment in the German industrial environment, I was recently presented with this new opportunity within the industry; in which I jumped with both feet. The R&D Tax world (financing of innovation) was unknown to me until then and for novices like me, there is a lot to explore.

To break it down, the world of innovation financing is based on all the mechanisms and policies put in place to encourage research and innovation in companies and create a virtuous circle of investment. As for innovation financing professionals, they are those who help and advise these innovative companies so that they can benefit from them.

During my first week at Leonid, I was able to talk with several consultants about their backgrounds (all unique), their job and what they appreciate about it. Here is their story so far.


The plurality of tasks – we don't get bored!

As a career characteristic desired by many, this point deserved to be at the top of the list. Being a consultant in innovation financing is dynamic! In exchanges with people in various technical and operation roles, I have discovered that the responsibilities of such professionals consist of the same foundations but are very diverse in their specialisms. Such diversities include technical subject matters, the eligibility of study and the choice of the most suitable system, valuation, data collection and technical writing, to name a few.

Some professionals we speak with particularly appreciate the seasonality of the profession – linked to the different cycles of innovation financing and depending on the tax activity.

It's organised and precise, but above all, it's a market that's always on the move and continues to evolve so they really don't have time to get bored!


Continuous learning – it’s a job in which you gain expertise!

The plurality of tasks also comes from the diverse nature of their client portfolio. These are of various sizes but above all, from various industries and technical subjects.

Most consultants - naturally not experts in all fields - will have to carry out a technological watch to gain expertise and be able to challenge the client and his subject in real-time and they love it! This allows them to discover subjects different from their main expertise, to have access to new technologies in preview and to fill up with knowledge.

Exposed to various ways of working, of approaching a subject or even points of view, they are also exposed to developing skills in terms of customer relationship management, communication and project management; skills that are specific to the consulting profession but transferable throughout their professional life.


We advance R&D&I on our own scale

Last but not least: by supporting these companies in financing their research and innovation activities, innovation financing consultants initially contribute to the development of their clients' companies. More broadly and on their own scale, they participate in the advancement of R&D&I in France and wider Europe, and it is extremely rewarding.

From speaking with these professionals, most discovered this profession later on in their career, and they too started out knowing very little about it. Doctors or engineers, if you are interested in the profession of an Innovation Financing Consultant, do not be afraid of the financing aspect of the tax dimension of the profession. It is above all your technical skills that are required and sought after, with the rest being learnt. 

If you still have questions after reading this or if it made you want to join this world too, please get in touch with our team for more info!

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