Q&A with Lamis, Leonid's first marketing intern

Q&A with Lamis, Leonid's first marketing intern

Lamis Nemri spent six months working with Leonid, as part of her Master's degree. A French native, Lamis made the move to Barcelona for her internship to experience life in a different city, too.  This gave her the opportunity to speak a combination of English, French and Spanish on a daily basis!

Lamis was our very first marketing intern - and let's just say, she has set the bar very high for future interns!  She was such a valued member of our team from day one and made some very tangible contributions, including  managing all the translation work and editing for the French version of our website.

Before she left to embark on her career, we asked her to share her experience of being a Leonid intern.


What made you choose Leonid for your internship?

There were lots of reasons! I was immediately struck by Leonid’s approach. From my very first interview, they immediately put me at ease, and I instinctively sensed that Leonid was a very human company that cared about its employees. As an international business master’s student, it was also important for me to have an international element, to be part of a multicultural team and to be able to speak several languages in the office!

 How did you feel when you first joined the company?

I was made to feel very welcome by the whole team! A week before the start of my internship, I was sent a detailed calendar of my onboarding schedule. Everything went very well, and Jo ( my manager) made the trip from London to Barcelona, especially to come and see me - which I really appreciated. Jo and Ruby explained how the company works, presented the tools at my disposal and we even went out for a lovely evening of tapas after our first day together as a team.

What type of work did you get involved with?

I joined the company as a trainee in Marketing, working alongside Jo. I was in charge of writing articles in French, creating video content and managing the French version of the new Leonid website.

What have you learned during your time with Leonid?

I learned to use new tools (SEMrush, Adobe) and I learned a lot about the industry that was initially unknown to me!

What was your happiest memory of working with us?

The time the whole team got together. With colleagues working from England, France, and Spain, I hadn't had the opportunity to meet them all face to face. But during the month of April, we all got together, and it was a moment I really enjoyed! I was also very happy when Leonid's new website went online, after weeks of work it was very gratifying to see the final result!

What’s next for you?

I've just finished my master’s degree, so I hope to start a full time role very soon. I'll have to see where life takes me, but I'd like to stay in the marketing sector or at least work in an international environment.

If you had one piece of advice for anyone considering an internship with Leonid, what would it be?

Don't hesitate to apply! The team is fantastic, and all the colleagues are attentive and willing to listen. If you have any questions, just ask - no one is judgemental, and everyone is always ready to help.