Global Hiring Guide 2024: In-house legal

Global Hiring Guide 2024: In-house legal

The world of in-house legal is constantly evolving due to a combination of internal and external pressures and new technologies - all of which provide challenges and opportunities in equal measure.


Leonid's guide explores the themes more deeply, and provides both a regional and country-by-country overview, including salary data and key hiring considerations. 

The guide will be of interest to anyone who is hiring into their legal teams and will be a useful overview for both hiring managers and HR teams who wish to better understand the complexities of the global talent landscape.

Please note that this guide is not exhaustive; we have chosen to focus specifically on 19 countries where we are currently seeing high levels of demand for in-house legal talent, namely:

AMERICAS: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico

EMEA: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UAE

APAC: Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore

This is the third in a series of global hiring guides.

We hope you find this a useful resource!


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