How to save precious time in the recruitment process with LeonidLive

How to save precious time in the recruitment process with LeonidLive

Hiring managers commonly have one major pain point – recruiting a new team member takes up a lot of time. From scouring through piles of CVs and rating them, creating a shortlist and then typically hosting 30-minute screening calls…it adds up to a lot of working hours! And that’s before you’ve even got to the stage of face-to-face interviews.


LeonidLive was designed to address this issue. Leonid’s talent acquisition team take away the pain of sifting through CVs to find the gold. And unlike most other recruiters, they take it one stage further and record short video interviews of the shortlisted candidates, which are then sent to the hiring company for review.  This stage enables our clients to get a clear picture of the candidates’ personality and communication skills – things which can never be gleaned from a CV alone.


Florian Vogel of Ansys recently hired a new team member after first meeting them on LeonidLive.


“The LeonidLive videos have been a revelation and have not only saved me considerable time, but have also changed the whole dynamic of the interview process.

 Leonid took the hard work away and the short video interviews meant I could easily assess some of the candidates’ core skills and personality in advance of a first meeting with them. 

This also meant that when I met with the shortlisted candidates, it was the first time the wider team met with them too. This put things on an even playing field and removed the bias which I might have formed if I had interviewed them alone previously.  It enabled a very team-driven approach to selecting the best candidate for the role.”


If you are hiring within the R&D tax or corporate governance sectors – why not let LeonidLive give you some precious time back?

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