Leonid Health Month : what impact have we had ?

Leonid Health Month : what impact have we had ?

Throughout July, the Leonid team have been participating in Health Month; a challenge we set ourselves in order to support employee wellbeing while also supporting the planet.

The teams in Barcelona and the UK have been encouraging each other to get up and move, whether that be a walk around the park, a swim session, or anything active you can think of. As an adventurous bunch, we've seen colleagues hiking through Romania (and running from curious bears, may we add!), scrambling at Crib Lem in Snowdonia, exploring the mountains of Corsica, wild swimming in England's lakes, jogging along Barcelona beach and so much more!

We're incredibly proud of the team's efforts, in which a tree has been planted for each exercise activity the team carried out across the month through our partner - Tree Nation. The below infographic shows the impact Leonid Health Month has had.

As an environmentally conscious organisation, Lenoid are passionate about offsetting our annual carbon footprint and as the business grows, so do our conservation efforts! If you feel as passionately as we do about people and the planet, you may be a great fit for our team!

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