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Leonid was founded out of a desire to redefine the recruitment process.

After spending over a decade in the industry, our founder James Mitchell had become disillusioned with the traditional recruitment model and decided to take action.

Armed with only his solid experience, his drive and a MacBook gifted by his father to support the cause, James set off on a mission to help organisations by improving their experiences of hiring team members.

Today, James continues to head up the company, alongside a passionate team who support Leonid’s mission. Unlike other recruiters, our team don't work to hard financial targets. Instead, we focus on building long-lasting relationships and act as an extension of in-house talent acquisition teams.

Check out our short video here to learn the story of Leonid in James's own words.

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April 2023
April 2023
Moved to a new office in Barcelona

to accommodate our growing team

After spending over a decade in the recruitment industry

Our founder James Mitchell realised that the traditional model was flawed and so he decided to take action and redefine what good recruitment looks like.

October 2018
October 2018
Leonid is founded

Starting out life as a specialist R&D tax recruiter