Data Privacy & Cyber Security


As digital transformation has rapidly accelerated over the last twenty years, so too has the mandate for specialised talent in cybersecurity and data privacy. For organisations of any size, the dual focus on cybersecurity maintenance and privacy compliance is non-negotiable. This evolving landscape requires professionals who are not only adept at protecting businesses from data breaches - stemming from both internal and external threats - but also skilled in navigating the complex terrain of privacy regulations.

Our mission is to meet this critical demand by connecting your business with the very best in cybersecurity and privacy talent, individuals who embody the advanced skill sets necessary to navigate and fortify the digital and regulatory frontiers.  Our specialist Data Privacy & Cyber Security team can help protect your business by sourcing the very best talent, globally. Recent placements include Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), Lead Privacy Counsel & Head of IAM.


Tom Woods

Tom Woods

Head of Data Privacy & Cyber Security