We've been shortlisted for the "Best Workplace Environment" award !

We've been shortlisted for the "Best Workplace Environment" award !

We’re pleased to announce that Leonid Group has been nominated by the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards 2021 for ‘Best Workplace Environment’.


As a people-focused company, Leonid is striving to drive and encourage change in the recruitment industry through our leading ‘Magic Month’ principle which redefines the way business is matched with talent. This process is ingrained in everything we do, creating a more positive and rewarding working environment for our people.


With some big growth plans for next year, we’d love to let you know how we’re striving to create the best workplace environment for our people to grow, develop and above all, love what they do.




Channelling the Magic Month Principle

The Magic Month Principle is our unique way of working in which we partner with clients on an exclusive retained basis. This enables us to build up a solid relationship with our international base of clients and work exclusively on their vacancies.


H3: What does this mean for our Talent Acquisition Managers?


  • Higher quality and long-lasting relationships with clients where we operate based on trust and mutual interest.
  • Less time-wasting where recruiters are putting hours into a job search, only for the vacancy to be filled internally or by another recruiter.
  • More time to build up a trusted network of high quality and talented professionals that they can draw on when a relevant vacancy comes up.
  • Our Talent Acquisition Managers are not driven by ruthless targets. Instead, they’re measured on the quality partnerships they make with clients and their ability to meet the client's needs.
  • A culture where we work as a team and support each other rather than competing against one another.
  • More opportunities to develop your career talent acquisition and the opportunity to one day run a franchise of the business.




Our flexible working culture

Throughout 2020 and 2021, there’s no doubt there have been huge personal and professional challenges for everyone to overcome. Whether it was figuring out how to adapt to working from home or dealing with personal life disruptions and losses, it’s been hard.


At Leonid, we like to empower our people to work in a way that brings out the best in their abilities. We know that not everyone is geared up to work from 9-5 in an office environment and so we cater to that. While we expect our trust to be reciprocated with loyalty and hard work, our people work from some pretty great places across the world, whether that’s a boat off the coast of France, a mountain retreat in Switzerland or just on the sofa with your dog.


However, if you prefer the structure of office working, we have offices in London, Barcelona, and Paris where our people can come and go as they please. What’s more, we’ve got some pretty big expansion plans for next year meaning there could be more office locations to come soon.



Mental and physical wellbeing is prioritised


There’s nothing more important than our physical and mental health. After all, if you’re not feeling your best then our candidates and clients won’t be receiving the best service.


At Leonid, we offer comprehensive benefits that support our people’s physical and mental health. Such benefits include but are not limited to:


Leonid Health Month

A quarterly business-wide challenge where all employees are encouraged to participate in as many physical activity sessions as they can. We post a leader board at the end of each week to add in a little bit of healthy competition, but there’s no pressure! For every exercise completed, we plant a tree with our partner – Tree-Nation.


Leonid Self Care

Every quarter, our employees are given a Friday off work so that they can enjoy a long weekend. Employees are given a generous contribution which must be used towards a wellbeing activity such as a weekend retreat, a spa day or a massage.


Leonid Health Challenge

The Leonid Health Challenge offers the opportunity to receive a generous contribution per year towards any kind of charitable event or challenge. This could be anything from a marathon to a sponsored sporting event. We’re pretty open to ideas!


Quarterly Team Meetings via Travel Perk

While most of us work remotely, it’s still important that we get some face time where we can all mingle (safely). As such, each team member receives a generous travel budget for quarterly team meetings.


Company seasonal parties

We believe in celebrating our successes and coming together as a team! Each summer and winter season, we host a party to celebrate everything that’s been achieved within the company. Each member of our team receives a generous travel budget for this.


The opportunity to grow and progress

Differentially to most recruitment companies, Leonid’s company culture thrives on teamwork, encouragement, and lots of learning. Each team leader within the business is trained to become a highly supportive mentor to their team, helping them to achieve everything they’re capable of.

What’s more, we have a fantastic progression structure that allows our Talent Acquisition Managers to work their way up to having shares in their division of the company. If there’s an area that you’re passionate about working in, we’d love to support you in achieving your goal!

Overall, Leonid’s ambitions are very much the same as when we were founded as a one-man band in 2018 by James Mitchell. While we have some big growth plans for 2022, we aim to remain humble, hardworking and people orientated, no matter where next year takes us.

We’re so grateful to be shortlisted for the ‘Best Workplace Environment’ Award. Keep your eyes peeled for the winners' announcement in February!


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